Resonance ‘Music In Place’ Project: Nine Trees of KL Ave Sent Underground

The Connecting Chords Kalamazoo Project has commissioned several local composers to create chamber music pieces inspired by locations; ‘Music In Place’ in Kalamazoo. From the day I drove into Kalamazoo for the first time, I fell in love with two roads where the 100- 200 plus year old trees offered a beautiful canopy for all to appreciate; Oakland Drive & KL Avenue. The subject of my piece is focused on the nine trees that were removed to grounded stumps, leaving the future life of these trees to continue underground. Our road was amidst a sewage pipe project back in 2017. Unrevealed circumstances led to their removal. We returned from a week long trip to Mississippi, to experience the sun’s blinding glare as a result of these trees’ absence. Sick to the core of my being, I vowed to write a piece for these trees! I am writing a piece for these trees!

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